What is it?

Imagine if Microsoft Outlook, which people use at work, can be used on pretty much any computer and with security in place that completely eliminates spam, phishing, and malware delivered by e-mail. Your inbox only contains messages meant just for you. You have a couple mailing list subscriptions, but they are kept separate in a lower-priority mailbox. Your friend changed phone numbers, but you never noticed because your address book updated itself when she changed it in her profile. Photos of your newborn nephew just show up in a timeline, and you don’t even have (or need) a Facebook account!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? It sounds too good to be true, but that is, in fact, what we’re building.

How can I download it?

Patience, grasshopper. We’re working on it… it’s just a lot of work. We can’t wait for it, either. If you want it sooner, sponsor us!

What do these terms ‘Open Source’ and ‘Free Software’ mean?

Both of these terms have similar meanings. ‘Open source’ means that the files used to create software are available for your review. Free Software is software which is free as in freedom. It means that it is not just open source, but you have the right to make changes, give those changes to others, and use the software for any purpose. More information on how Free Software works can be found on this article at Wikipedia. All software made by the Anselus team is Free Software.

Will it be compatible with e-mail?

No, not without making Mensago completely pointless, but we’re not going to leave you out in the cold, either. The protocols to send and receive e-mail are the reason we’re in this mess of spam, phishing, rampant ransomware, and mailboxes full of mass marketing junk. There will be great migration tools to import all your e-mail messages, contacts, calendar items, to-do lists, and notes into your Mensago workspace.