Many people have said certain products — like Slack, for example — were an “e-mail killer” and yet it’s still here. Why bother trying? It’s simple, really.

Hackers Depend on E-mail

Hackers, spammers, and other cybercriminals depend how literally anyone in the world can send you an e-mail and, to some degree, pretend to be anyone they want when they do. E-mail security is hard, too. Spam filters and other security tools make mistakes, letting bad e-mails go through and flagging good ones as bad. Encrypted e-mail as it is right now isn’t great, either. It’s hard to set up, it’s limited to people who have it set up, and it even leaks information about your conversations and relationships.

Businesses Deserve Better Than Exchange and Outlook

Microsoft more or less owns the business desktop software world. The problem is that its communications products Outlook and Exchange are not very good. Outlook is a slow, bloated, buggy mess and some of its features, such as note-taking and to-do lists, desperately need updating. Exchange, which drives great features like shared calendars and mailing lists, is fragile, insecure, and hard for administrators to maintain. It doesn’t have to be this way and shouldn’t be.

A screenshot of the notes section of Outlook 365. Mensago will do better.

Everyone Deserves Better Productivity Tools

Unless you use Microsoft Exchange, adding a meeting or appointment is difficult at best. Pick two e-mail providers which offer calendars. Try to set up a shared appointment in the calendar with someone from another provider without sending them an e-mail and see how that goes. Mensago gives you all the tools you need to stay organized and they are designed to just work.

New Technologies to Keep You Safe

We can’t say this enough: online safety right now is hard, and it’s because of the technologies in use. The way that e-mail software and servers communicate is too trusting. Documents like PDF and Word can contain executable code, and if a document can hold a program, cybercriminals will put malware in documents to hack you. New technologies made for Mensago like Safe Formatted Text Markup and Attachment Guard are being made to prevent this.