June 2021 News

Development continues to progress at a steady pace. If you would prefer to not know the gory details, you can skip to the end. 😏

During the months of May and June, the Mensago server saw many new features. Worker pools prevent a type of Denial of Service attacks and give administrators control over resource usage. A basic keycard resolver and cache is now in place. Clients can query the server for updates on a workspace, getting information about new messages, files moves, and more. Push notifications are in place, and the server should be able to deliver messages to account local to the server, including bounce messages. In fact, server development is at a point where it really needs a client to progress further.

The Python client library, pymensago, is the current development focus. A couple of base-level data classes moved to their own separate Python packages. The library now has a keycard resolver, but like the mensagod resolver, it still needs work to match up with the specifications. Some new base types are being integrated into the code to make error handling more stable. Messaging classes, user profiles, and so many other bits and pieces are being assembled into something a regular program can be built upon.

If you don’t understand a word of the last two paragraphs, don’t worry. The server code is taking shape in a way that it should be possible to write a demo program or two which will not only show off what Mensago can do, but will also be genuinely useful. Believe me, as soon as there is something for people to play with and give feedback, the better.