More Than Just E-mail: the Mensago Address Book

It is true that others in the past have tried to replace e-mail. None have succeeded. One factor which makes Mensago different from all of them is that Mensago isn’t just about replacing e-mail. In fact, it is more accurate to say that Mensago is about replacing Microsoft Exchange, although many people haven’t heard of either before. Microsoft Exchange does e-mail, address books, to-do lists, appointments, and notes. Most people work with it through either a web browser or Microsoft Outlook. In short, it provides tools to stay organized in an office setting. The problem is that Outlook doesn’t do any of them very well except perhaps appointments. Mensago Connect will replace it all, but just for this article, let’s focus on your address book.

Taken For Granted

Your address book is one of those features which is easily taken for granted. Imagine what it would be like if your mobile phone didn’t have one. You have to know the phone number for every single person or business you work with! It’s impossible for anyone except champion memorizers. One side effect of having an address book is having to maintain the information in it. It’s frustrating when a friend changes their phone number and doesn’t tell you about it. What if they didn’t have to? People using Mensago get automatic updates to their address books, so having an out-of-date phone number for someone can be a thing of the past. Changes you make to your contact information are automatically sent to your contacts. Problem solved.

Besides the messages that people using Mensago send to one another, the software uses system-level messages to perform different tasks. One kind of system message is a contact update, and one is sent each time you update your contact information. For example, if you change your work phone number in Mensago Connect, it will send an update to anyone who already has access to it, but no one else. Once again, Mensago places you in control while helping you stay organized and connected to others.