New Website and News

More than a year ago, Anselus launched a basic website to establish a web presence. It has served its purpose, and it has been revised to take the next step to a well-reputed brand. The new website is more appealing and now features a Donations section. The specifications have not yet moved over but will arrive in the very near future. Recent world events have caused a change in perspective, and it is critical to accelerate progress. The project is now seeking sponsors and grants and will actively recruit other developers.

Identity services development continues. Much of the client code in the Smilodon test application has moved into its own library. The new library, pyanselus, will find its way into the Python Package Index for easy installation when it is ready for production use. The basic pyanselus identity code was ported to the server, and now server-specific code is seeing progress. We hope to complete work on identity services by the end of 2020, but only time will tell if we reach this goal.