October 2021 News

Wow. How the time does fly! A lot has happened since the last news update back in August, although due to some health problems, not as much as I would have liked. PyMensago, the Python library used for building Mensago-based programs, received a lot of attention. For example, much of August focused on design work for the address book and contact storage. It also included managing your own contact information. Once that was out of the way, development focused on messaging and message delivery. Some attention was given to the server code, but most of that was spent fixing bugs and making minor changes. The end of September saw a milestone: local message delivery. In other words, I wrote a test which sent a contact request from one account to another. It doesn’t sound like much, but the amount of foundation code to do it is enormous.

October is seeing less code and more design work. The focus? Multiple device support. Getting this right is critical to a great experience, so I’m taking my time right now to figure out how best to synchronize multiple devices on the same account. Once this crucial component is complete, it will be time to start working on a demo so that everyone can get a taste of what’s to come. Until next time!